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The Basics of Digital Photography

Do you have a passion for photography? When you see something beautiful and interesting con you help but want to capture it? If you’re serious about learning photography.  If so, make sure you get registered for these classes and join us for a day of photography instruction and fun! Digital Photography Basics is a combination Classroom and Hands-On Field Trip to take what you learn in the classroom and put it to practical use in a variety of settings depending on where we hold the particular class.  If you are more advanced in your photography knowledge then you might want to  register for one of our more advanced courses. We hold our classes at a variety of special event facilities for a clean, modern and exciting place for you to learn and photograph in. There will be a classroom style environment with Power Point Presentation with many Photos complete with instructions and techniques on how they were created, Additionally,  you will be provided with a workbook you can enhance with your own personal notes. Digital Photography Basics is mainly for those with Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. These Cameras are equipped with more advanced features than basic point-and-shoot cameras. In the classroom session we begin with Photography basics and continue to more advanced topics for those who are serious about really learning photography and taking their hobby to a higher level of knowledge. We separate the classes three sections  so as to allow students who own Nikon, Canon, and all other brands to help each other out. Our classes are reasonable small, usually around 40 students. Students who own point and shoot cameras can also benefit from this class especially if they plan to purchase a more advanced DSLR camera. There will also be  question and Answer Sessions for the instructor to help you with your cameras.

Here’s a sampling of the topics we’ll cover:

The Basics

The Meter ISO Exposure

White Balance

Auto Modes Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual Exposure Compensation

What are all those settings and buttons?

What your camera can and can’t do

Introduction to composition Batteries

Eliminating blur… whether motion or focus -related

interchangeable lenses

Shooting great portraits

Shooting concerts, recitals, and ball games

Reducing Blur

Light & Lighting

Using Your Flash

AutoFocus And Motor-Drive

The Hands-On/Field Trip class includes work within the classroom and later outdoors (Providing weather permits) you will be able to work  one-on-one work with the instructor and be able to shoot pictures and learn first hand.

(Dates and venues may be subject to change) We will honor existing vouchers from last year until April 1. We reserve the right to reschedule Classes with less than 10 students to another date due the administrative costs involved in hosting these events. Each Photo Class lasts approximately four hours of classroom instruction with  a Photo Walk to follow.

ATLANTA ~ March 11, 2012 ~ Sun. 1-6pm Atlanta Botanical Garden. Garden House Workshop. Limit 45. ATLANTA ~ April 28 2012 ~ Sold Out. Sat. 1-6pm Atlanta Botanical Garden. Georgia Pacific Classroom ATLANTA ~ May 5, 2012 ~ Sat. 1-6pm Atlanta Botanical Garden. Georgia Pacific Classroom ATLANTA ~ May 6, 2012 ~ Sun. 1-6pm Botanical Garden. Garden House Workshop. Limit 45  ATLANTA ~ May 19, 2012 ~ Sat. 1-6pm Atlanta Botanical Garden. Garden House Workshop Additional 2012 dates pending, but don’t delay! Register today! * Classes may be added or combined depending upon interest or enrollment.

The Instructor This class is taught by Corky Willis of Corky Willis and Associates Photography, a Certified Professional Photographer. His love of photography and many years of experience make this class a fun, unique experience! With more than 30 years of experience as an award-winning photographer, Corky brings his love of Photography to all of his photography classes. Trained by some of the worlds top photographers in America, Corky is a working Professional Photographer with over 35 years real world experience and  currently teaches photography all over the country. His professional affiliations include the Professional Photographers of America and some of the top Fortune 500 Companys in the world and has photographed over 500 Weddings. Remember to Bring your camera with the manual. Have fully charged battery and plenty of space on your memory card. We cant possibly know how to operate every camera made so try to read up and know some basics like how to change your camera’s ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. We can help if you don’t understand how to do these things.  Child care is not provided so please make arrangements for childcare before hand. The Cost for the Zoo Atlanta and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Class is $199 for the lecture-only course or for the lecture/Photo Walk class. Your Fee includes handout material. Admission to Botanical Garden. Parking, if applicable, not included. When ready to Sign Up and  get started just let us know by filling out the Class Registration Form.  If you have questions or you’d like to talk to the instructor directly you can contact him at (404) 590-9696.


~Mandy B. “I’ve had my camera for over two years and I finally learned how to use it today.” ~Debbie F. “Loved the class! Very informative and enjoyed the instructor…very down to earth and relaxed session.” ~Kim I. “Excellent coverage of the technical aspects of taking photos. A must for anyone that wants to understand what all those “buttons” do. Gene does a great job.” ~Phil D. Great class for beginners. “Gene is witty and portrays the information in a detailed, fun manner. I really enjoyed the class.”Excellent teachers- Gene and Megan ~Kiran V. *** We reserve the right to cancel or combine scheduled class dates based on registration numbers. If you have already registered for a class that will be combined or canceled we will contact you immediately to reschedule a new class date for you to attend. PhotoShop Classes Coming soon… PhotoShop classes! We’ll have these for the Summer of 2012 in Atlanta, Greenville, and Charlotte. Email us via the “Get In Touch” page if you are interested.

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