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Corky Willis & Associates Internet Marketing & Consulting was formed as an off shoot to my Corporate Photography Business, Corky Willis & Associates Atlanta Photography, in response to seeing my customers needs for expert help in their marketing efforts in obtaining new customers. When my clients started finding me on the internet they wanted me to help them get found and that’s where it started. I began to use the same methods that I was using to get customers, to get them new business  and the combination of my Photography with Marketing was a perfect fit.

Our primary business focus is Internet Marketing & Consulting — we provide Consulting to Companies needing  innovative solutions to problems Businesses of all types face at one time or another. We employ a particular high-tech method  to our systems, we help build web presence, branding, high performance automated marketing systems, Social Networking, eCommerce, and also develop new technology s.

Ours is a highly effective team of experienced professionals and a vast network of resources with creative ways to make our services affordable to almost anyone.along with a list of clients that we’ve helped along the way to their success.

I  believe that true performance is to push past and travel beyond the established boundaries of excellence. Together we can achieve performance never imagined and attain unparalleled growth.

No matter if you are a Sole Proprietor or a Fortune 500 company, we can help you obtain new customers and increase your Business.

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